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My passion is to make therapy more accessible to all people

Having worked with a diverse range of people from all walks of life. I’ve learnt technology plays a massive part in doing so, as we are able to reach more people at times that suit them. My approach is to support people using evidence-based research and client focused holistic therapy. The use of the therapeutic alliance in building trust is key to this.

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a form of talking therapy which can help a person look at situations differently. 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy helps to understand thoughts, emotions and behaviours focusing on challenging any unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, to gradually change our behaviours.

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Client testimonials

Don’t take my word for it
– read what my clients have to say:

You have allowed me to isolate negative thoughts and feelings and has helped me to understand where they come from. Debbie have also shown me that there are more positive thoughts and behaviours than can be drawn from an objective incident, rather than negative thoughts.


Working with Debbie has been incredible; I’ve had CBT in the past but it hasn’t compared in the slightest to the results I am seeing with Debbie. She has a very structured approach but takes the time to explore tangents that lead to effectively root causing issues that have been detrimenting my quality of life for years. She gives cogent yet powerful examples that I find myself easily referring to outside of the sessions to help me deal with situations that would have been challenging to cope with without her help.


Thanks for all your support in the past few months. You are an angel. May God always bless you and keep you happy.


My experiance with talking therapy has been excellent – Debbie was easy to trust and speak to. Building rapport with her was easy so this helped to quickly be honest and open to what I needed to do and address.



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